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    Glad to see Poirier getting a step up in competition. Should be a great scrap and go a long way towards determining a contender for Aldo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirc View Post
    OK So I know that Texas is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to public education and all that, but you do know that KZ has fought OUTSIDE of the UFC before right? Like there are other MMA organizations outside of the USA. I mean, I know you guys down there in that shithole state think that America is an Island planet where we **** rainbows and piss jelly beans and the rest of the world is some kind of 3rd tier of Yggsdrasil.
    I'm sorry, which country is the only Superpower on the planet? That would be us. Having an awesome record over in Japan didn't do much for Cro Cop, Thierry, Gegard, or Akiyama. If a fighter hasn't fought in the UFC or gone up against those who had (Fedor and Machida fall into this category) then they're NFL Europe until they step up and prove otherwise.

    Heck, look at Strike Force and Elite XC. Jake Shields, Cung Le, and Nick Diaz were untouchable demi gods in those organizations...then they started having to fight people who weren't Frank Shamrock.

    To be the best, you've got to beat the best, and right now, the UFC! IS! THE BEST! WHOOOOOOOOOO!

    But dude, have you seen how fucking DOMINANT he is in everything else? How he is IMPOSSIBLE to knock out and how ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING his grappling is?
    Apparently you missed this the first time I posted it, but:
    George Roop knocked him out. With a left leg high kick. By which I mean Roop kicked him in the head and he was unconscious. Jung has a chin, but Mark Hunt he ain't (of course, considering the Melvin Manhoef fight, Mark Hunt ain't Mark Hunt anymore either. But you get my meaning!)

    And according to what the always reliable Internet tells me, Jung is a blue belt. Dustin is a purple belt. BJJ Belt ranks never lie, the coonass's grapple is better.

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    the korean zombie me thinks

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    Yes I know the Zombie has fought elsewhere, and I love his work. It was badass the way he continued to baffle Leonard and all but one of his haymakers the first fight, and then tear him up the second. I actually like him a lot, just not in this match.

    I am all about Dustin because of his heart, his tenacity, his grappling, and his local ties.

    Local ties dont pay the rent but you gotta support your crowd (unless they are complete imbeciles)!

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