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    Get nutrition in you immediately after training, nonfat chocolate milk is best.
    Stretching after your workout is generally considered to be better than before.

    I love using "jow" for bruises, joint inflammation etc.
    I dislike Tiger Balm, Bengay etc. personally.
    Fish oil has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect and may be a viable alternative to NSAIDs.

    Not to derail but lactic acid is "gone" on it's own in around 2 hrs.
    Massage; decreases cortisol/increases seratonin and dopamine, has an anti inflammatory effect and increases production of mitochondria, but doesn't affect lactic acid levels.

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    Branch Chain Amino Acids

    You can get it on it's own or as part of other protein powders.

    That stuff is magical.

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    Sweet! A topic I can help out with. Training 2 or 3 times a week can be hard at first. 2 or 3 times a day always sucks. Here's things I do

    Minimum 8 hours sleep. More is better, naps are great too.
    Nutrition! You need to be eating the proper amounts of good, whole foods
    Supplements. BCAA, glucosamine, multi V/M, fish oil, magnesium. These are what I use
    Contrast showers. 60 seconds hot enough to cry, 30 seconds cold enough to cry. Repeat 4-5 times. ease into these
    epsom salt baths. 30 minutes, nice and hot
    Massage. Doing it yourself is an option when you can't afford a professional.
    Laser therapy
    Rub a535 can help, same with "jow"
    Ice everything that hurts
    Time off never hurts either. At least 1 day off a week, and a week off every couple months won't really set you back

    keep training hard, your body does adapt.

    Don't forget water too! 3L is my minimum, but I always end up with more
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