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Ok my gi is fucking awsome.

Believe it or not there is quite a bit of discipline integrity and so on required to drag your broken body into the gym day in day out to train for a fight. I have never known a fighters gym that is any good that does not expect respect from its fighters. Because it becomes a complete **** fest to train in.

Disrespectfull would be comparing a one day a week training as having more integrity because you bow.

I also suspect chael sonnen is putting on a show.

Ring craft is the science of fighting in a ring. It is really quite an in depth discussion of which I do not know enough and am allways keen to learn more.

Now you are up to speed. You can stop making a dick of yourself.
so are you looking to read into how ring craft can be transitioned into the cage and the differences in the two? if that is the case then i assure you that was the point of the thread. for members to discuss possibilities and factors not to argue about how awesome chael is or isnt. just because someone is new here doesnt mean theyre a troll who doesnt know what theyre speaking of. and just because youre a senior member doesnt mean youre above me. it just means that you were posting back when i was just looking at style vs style vids and trying to start an ohio td. this is not directed at anyone in specific person just saying

now back on topic. about that cage fighting...........?