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    Quote Originally Posted by Internet-fu View Post
    How much do you know about the life of this "movie actor"?

    You ever studied any of his martial arts philosophy?

    He was mixing Muay Thai, Savate, Western Boxing, AND grappling/ground fighting (Wrestling, Sambo, Judo, etc.) before any Gracie came to the United States. And using it in self defense situations. Not just studying.
    Everybody knows that he studied several different martial arts. That is completely and utterly irrelevant to the creation of UFC and the mainstream following that MMA holds today.

    I can't make this any more simple to you retards. The Gracies helped set up the first UFC. The Gracies win the first UFC. Like Rorion said, "If it happens in America, everyone sees it". So thus the UFC was born and MMA slowly but surely became mainstream. It had absolutely nothing to do with an actor that studies, or more accurately, dabbled, in several martial arts.

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    I thought the whole Bruce Lee thing for UFC was all about the long strategy towards setting up business in China.
    Curiosity killed the cat. But damn it had a blast.

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