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    Muay Thai- My plan to get in shape for it

    Im just getting started here and still a few weeks until I can actually start going to classes but I'm pretty stoked. Heres what I figure

    Swim 4-5x a week in the morning before work. Front crawl high intensity 30 mins. (maybe a couple days a week for an hour to build endurance?)

    Muay thai just 2-3 nights a week for now. (will amp it up in a months time to 4 or more when night school schedule changes)

    Weights? plyometrics? Shrug. Derp.

    Running not an option now due to winter/back issues.


    Pretty low carb high veggies/protein. Im classic Tupac build - 165 @ 6ft so I think I might want to pound some more carbs but not sure.

    Breakfast- Eggs x2 and a grain. fruit shake. More after the swim.

    Lunch- chicken/fish. tons of fruit/veggies for energy.

    Dinner- more chicken/fish. fruit/veggies.

    Snacks throughout the day as work allows.

    Opinions/snarky comments welcome!

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    Up the Eggs, drop the grain and fruit shake. Reserve it for after the swim
    Again seperate the fruit as an in between meal.

    You're fruit happy aren't you?

    Add some raw nuts and another meal to your game plan.

    (****, get with the 21st century dude.)

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    Do more Muay Thai to get better conditioning, it will be more than enough as a beginner

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    I'm not really qualified to comment on your routine... so I won't. What I will say is don't be discouraged if for all your hard work and training you're still gassing faster than less fit looking individuals in class for a bit. A lot of it depends on how efficiently and relaxed you throw your techniques and other such stuff that can only come from actual practice and experience in muay thai.

    That being said, good luck and have fun.


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