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    London Dari Rulai Fa Yin Shaolin Temple - Sifu Aleem McKenzie - "Master Yu"

    I recently stumbled across this organisation about which I have some concerns.

    I am not a Buddhist and don't feel qualified to comment on some aspects of this "temple", but I'm hoping that some better informed bullies here can help clarify a few things.

    The website is here


    Their weekly schedule for classes and workshops is as follows:


    MONDAY: 11.45-1pm Over 50's (No impact/Low impact) gym session

    (Location A)

    WEDNESDAY: 11.45-1pm Over 50's (No impact/Low impact) gym session

    (Location A)

    THURSDAY: 1.30-3pm - Be Active, Stay Active - (Qigong & Esoteric Meditation)

    7-9pm Shaolin Kungfu, Qigong / Simplified Tai Chi & Esoteric Meditation

    (Location A)

    Friday 11.45-1pm Over 50's (No impact/Low impact) gym session

    (Location A)

    Location A: LEN WILLIAMS COURT, 1-19 Granville Rd, Sth Kilburn, London NW6 5QY

    It seems fairly clear that the school / temple is advertising itself as an organisation primarily offering very gentle exercise, qigong and meditation rather than martially oriented classes. I appreciate that there are plenty of non-martial tai chi classes and qigong classes around, and that if people wish to attend such classes it is a matter of their personal choice.

    Confusingly however, another page, "INTRODUCTION TO THE SHAOLIN DONG-XI-DAO BUDDHA SCHOOL" portrays a different perspective on the school, one that is more martially focussed, describing various weapons used and referring to a teacher called Sifu Zhi Bao (Aleem Tien R. McKenzie):


    Meaning “The Shaolin Way of The East and West” is a very broad style incorporating many techniques such as kicking, punching, locking (chin-na), pressure points, throws & ground fighting. The System also contains the traditional Shaolin weapons such as the Staff, Broadsword, Spear, 3 Sectional Staff, Butterfly Knives etc. as well as the traditional animal forms such as the Snake, Crane, Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Eagle & Monkey boxing.


    The origins of this System lie in the Chinese styles known as“Chang Chuen”, “Shaolin Lohan Gong-fu” & “Fatt Gar (Hood Kar Pai) Kuen”, whose lineage flows through Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia.

    The historical roots of the System are from the Shaolin monasteries in the Fujian, South Eastern provinces of China. The best known Grand Master of this style has been the renowned Abbot Seh Koh San (Shi Gao Can), Cho-Si, who was, until he entered into Parinirvana in 1960, the Chief Abbot of the Shaolin Siong Lim Temple in Toa Payoh, Singapore.


    THE SHAOLIN DONG-XI-DAO BUDDHA SCHOOL is a school within the Shaolin Dung-Sai-Do Gong-fu System.

    Sifu Zhi Bao (Aleem Tien R. McKenzie) founded The Buddha School of Dong-xi-Dao in 2003 with Grand Master Nichols' blessing. A demonstration was held at the Duddenhill Community Centre in Willesden, which included the 12 Stances of Dong-Xi-Dao performed by Buddha School students, the Shaolin Hand-bridge form and body conditioning including bouncing wrist press-ups performed by Sifu Zhi Bao.

    The D.X.D. Buddha School is the combination of its founders training under Grand Master A.F. Nichols, years of study in other healing and complimentary arts, philosophy and the study of Buddhist philosophy. Sifu Continues his practice and study of Buddhism and in 2009 was accepted as a 51st generation disciple in the Hanmi Chinese Esoteric School under Abbott Dan Kendall of the Dari Rulai Temple in L.A.


    Through his years of experience of life in the inner cities and as a martial artist and teacher, Sifu McKenzie realised that the physical aspects of martial arts training alone were not enough to enable people to become empowered enough to really create a strong foundation of peace & happiness in their lives. What was missing was the philosophy,meditations & teachings that could help people in all aspects of life. After much meditation & study, the next step became clear - the foundations of The C.O.V.E. Project Ltd (the for-runner of the Lin-ton Buddhist association for P.E.A.C.E.) and the Buddha School began to manifest. And from this was born a school not only of physical training, but one where the mental and spiritual aspects are fully appreciated and nourished.

    In August 2010 the London Dari Rulai fa Yin Shaolin Temple Shrine was opened. The 'Bring forth the light' ceremony was led by Abbott Dan Kendall with students in attendance.

    The Hanmi School is led by Maha-Acharya Dechan Jeuren, also known as Grand Master Yu Tianjian who says:

    ‘Know yourself, change yourself, conquer yourself.’

    If one approaches Kung-fu with this frame of mind one can truly progress. Click on Master Yu’s lectures to read his talks on Kung-fu and Buddhism.

    Sifu A. McKenzie has trained under Grand Master Nichols constantly without break since 1994 and was the 1st 52nd generation student to complete the Grand Masters' new syllabus to the level of 1st Degree Black Sash.


    Since its inception, The Buddha School has continued to flourish with its family atmosphere. Classes are currently held at various locations around London (check classes & workshops), beginners are welcome.

    The aim of the Buddha School is to help people gain a greater understanding of themselves’, physically, mentally and spiritually as, when one has great knowledge of self, one develops a greater understanding of others. The more each individual develops an understanding of his/her self and others, the more peaceful a society we can create.
    This school is a member of the Amatuer Martial Associations (A.M.A.)
    Grading examinations are held 3 times per year. For those who show aptitude & potential, the opportunities to be accepted onto the Assistant Instructors & Instructors programs are available. Upon qualification, the student will be guided into teaching the arts of Shaolin D.X.D.
    All are welcome to join us in training regardless of race, religion, colour or creed. Whether you just want to keep fit, learn the art, train for competition, or be schooled in Buddhist philosophy & meditation, we have something for you. All you need is a T-shirt, loose pants or tracksuit bottom & light footwear (barefoot if you prefer) to start. Come & train in a friendly environment with plenty of support.

    I was interested to know more about Aleem Tien R. McKenzie and about Grandmaster Nichols, however the web page marked "lineage"
    is completely unrelated to martial arts and is exclusively concerned with the so called "living Buddha" (actually not so living any more as he died recently) "Master Tian Jian Yu" aka “Dechan Jueren” often referred to simply as "Master Yu".

    The text on the page marked "lineage" is as follows:

    Esoteric Lineage

    Hanmi is Chinese Esoteric Buddhism. The Buddhist masters assimilated the prevailing teaching of Confucianism and Taoism, and evolved the teaching into Hanmi, which was more easily understood by the Chinese people. Chinese Esoteric Buddhism predates the Tibetan Esoteric School, or Lamaism. Hanmi Buddhism, being forced underground for over twelve hundred years, is not as well known as Lamaism.

    Hanmi Buddhism was established between 712 to 720 A.D. during the reign of emperor Tang Xuanzong (or Hsuan Tsung) by the Three Great Founders, Subhakarasimha, Vajrabodhi, and Amoghavajra. They came to the Daxing Shansi (Great Propagating Goodness Temple, the predecessor of Temple of the Great Enlightener -- MahaVairocana) in today's Xi'an City and translated many buddhistic sutras and tantras from Sanskrit to Chinese.

    Subhakarasimha, an eminent Indian monk, translated the Vairocanabhi-sambodhi-tantra, or the Mahavairocana Sutra from Sanskrit to Chinese.

    Vajrabodhi, a graduate of Nalanda Temple, received complete empowerment and transmission from Nagabodhi, who received from Nagarjuna.

    Amoghavajra, a Singhalese, was the most famous Yogacharya of his time. He came at the age of 15 to China, where in 718 he became a disciple of Vajrabodhi, and later of Subhakarasimha. The Tang emperor granted dharma instruments to Amoghavajra who set up the first abhiseka-bodhi-mandala at Daxing Temple, thus founding Hanmi.

    After Vajrabodhi's death in 732, and at his wish, Amoghavajra went to India and Ceylon in search of esoteric or tantric writings, and returned in 746, when he baptized the emperor Xuanzong. He was especially noted for rain-making and stilling storms. In 749 he received permission to return home, but was stopped by imperial orders when in the south of China. In 756 under emperor Suzong he was recalled to the capital. His time until 771 was spent translating and editing tantric books in 120 volumes, and the Yogachara rose to its peak of prosperity. He died greatly honored at 70 years of age, in 774, the twelfth year of Taizong, the third emperor under whom he had served. He was given the title of the Thesaurus of Wisdom, Amogha Tripikata and the posthumous rank and title of a Minister of State.

    Historically, Chinese Esoteric Buddhism, or the Hanmi Mystery School, was thought to be lost when Emperor Tang Wuzong banned the teaching. Huiguo, the last known disciple of Amoghavajra, had left China and went with Kukai to Japan to establish the Japanese Esoteric school of Buddhism, later known as the Shingon sect. Unknown to history, Amoghavajra had another disciple, Huisu, who received all the religious instruments and dharma transmission. He then became the Dharma Lineage Bearer. Since then, Hanmi has been underground for over twelve centuries.

    The Hanmi lineage has been passed on through one master per generation. Master Yu Tian Jian is the highest and only living master of Hanmi, the Honorable Abbot of the 1000-year old LongQuan Temple in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, a doctor of Chinese medicine, and acknowledged as a Living Buddha in China.

    Master Yu, from Chaoyang, Liaoning, at the age of 39, attained realization under the guidance of Grandmaster Huiling, the 48th Maha-Acharya of the Hanmi lineage. He sees the past, the present and the future, and understands his mission as a Hanmi successor. He resigned his position as a plant manager in China, and donated all his personal savings, over 1 million RMB, to the cause of reviving Buddha-dharma. He said,"I want to let people know the truth of Buddhism again." He experienced all kinds of hardship as he journeyed through great rivers and mountains in order to transmit Dharma and to heal people. He has left indelible impressions everywhere.

    In 1989, a discovery was made in the Heaven Chamber of the North Pagoda at Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. They found sharira, or the bone relic of the Buddha, sutra and tantra engraved in silver plates in Chinese, two Chinese Stupas of the Diamond and the Womb Worlds, and the Stupa of Five-Buddha-Five-Wisdom. Later, a Hanmi mandala was also discovered in the Earth Chamber of Famen Temple (Famensi), or Dharma Doorway Temple at Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province. These discoveries predict the revival of Hanmi Buddhism.

    Master Huiling found Master Yu on the 99th days after the discovery. Master Yu received complete empowerment and transmission, and became the Great Enlightener MahaVairocana Dharma King Dechan Jueren, the 49th Great Acharya.

    No mention of Aleem Tien R. McKenzie or Grandmaster Nichols at all.

    The “links” page contains the following links, all of which relate to the aforementioned “Master Yu”.





    So I decided to take a closer look at Sifu Aleem Mckenzie, Master Yu and the extended network of “temples” associated with Master Yu.

    This is Sifu Aleem Mckenzie with his “weapon of choice”

    Here he is looking very “spiritual”

    And here he is looking, er, a bit less spiritual
    And this is his Facebook page

    He is FB friends with
    Dari-Rulai Fa-Yin Temple and also HanmiShaolin DxD-school so it is definitely the right person.

    I cannot find anyone called Nichols in his Facebook friends list and I have no idea who this grandmaster Nichols character is.

    As for Master Yu, I discovered some really interesting information.

    Until his recent death Master Yu lived in LA and generated significant revenue selling an unusual range of services and products including “medicine masks” to protect against SARS, bird flu and radiation. These are regular surgical masks with added pads imbued with Master Yu’s secret balms and herbs, a bargain at US$ 375 a pop.
    http://viewonbuddhism.org/controvers...stionable.html (scroll down to bottom listing)

    One of the websites owned by this organisation http://www.esotericschool.net/
    Offers a service called “Sobbing Spirit Stupa: Resolve baby ghost problem due to abortion “ as well as “Life Stupa Class: Prolong life to heal any illness.”

    According to this archived news story Master Yu was arrested in China in 2004.
    Yu, who is also known as Dechan Jueren, was detained Aug. 11 after being called to a meeting by officials in Kulun county, where his organization, the Buddhist Foundation of America, had spent the past year and more than $3 million renovating an 800-year-old temple, said one of his aides, Dan Kendall.
    Kendall said officials told Yu’s students that he had been charged with “promoting superstition.” A government official in Kulun reached by phone confirmed that Yu had been detained for “some type of religious activity,” but referred questions to local police, who refused to comment on what one officer described as a “secret operation.”
    Source and more info: http://www.religionnewsblog.com/8387...uddhist-leader

    Then I discovered another organisation linked to this one, the Sukhmani Centre in Cambridge, UK. Website here

    according to the website the director is Har Hari Kaur (this is obviously a 3ho cult name – not sure of her real name), a follower of the late, notorious kundalini yoga cult leader and alleged sexual offender Yogi Bhajan.

    If you check the “about us” page the blurb is exclusively about the Chinese Esoteric School of Master Yu. However the page on “teacher training” is all about the Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Teacher Training with the Amrit Nam Sarovar school (another organisation linked to 3ho / Yoga Bhajan and the subsidiary schools).

    The first entry on the “profiles” page is for Master Yu, the 2nd for Har Hari (shown in her 3ho standard white robes and turban), the 3rd is for Vajracharya (Tantric Master) Paul King, Chanping Dezhi, a UK based teacher of the Chinese Esoteric School and apparently a “ a senior Tai Chi instructor for 12 years” (anyone heard of him?) and the 3rd profile is for Lizzie Cutmore (cult name Har Gopal), another Kundalini teacher from the 3ho organisation (or one of its many front organisations).

    Further reading on 3ho from a cult awareness website: http://www.rickross.com/groups/3ho.html

    The Sukhmani Centre in Cambridge appears to be an interesting alliance of people from 2 different large cultic organisations, both with significant revenue and diverse business portfolios, 3ho and the Chinese Esoteric School.

    As for the London Dari Rulai Fa Yin Shaolin Temple it appears to be a “front” for the Chinese Esoteric School, a dodgy, woo woo peddling organisation that promises to cure paying customers of any illness and rid them of pesky baby ghosts.

    I would love to hear more from poster here about this organisation, here in the UK or in other territories.

    Also if anyone has any experience of or information regarding Sifu Allem McKenzie or the mysterious grandmaster Nichols I would be very interested to hear about it.

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    Any chance you could sum up some key points about the incredibly long OP for us? It looks like you might have something here but you could format your argument a little better. How about an introduction that sums up what you'll be talking about and a summary to restate your point?

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    That's a picture of Nate Dogg (the late rapper).
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    Even I knew that and I don't know much about Rap.

    It's a curious case. Kilburn isn't so far from Tufnell Park, which is the the legitimate representative of the Shaolin Temple. They also sponsor/franchise at London Uni, Birmingham and others but all under the control of STUK so maintaining that legitimacy.

    I have also noticed that some STUK instructors have branched out for themselves, Tanglong in Finchley and a Tai Chi expert in Kent spring to Mind.

    This other group shaolintemple.org.uk - hmm. Not too sure...


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