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Nicely done Ke?pofist, handled like a pro indeed. Weve got a new guy at work who trains at a really good MMA gym and is training 4-5 days a week with the intention of competing. I was really happy to chat with te guy about MA's and various techniques, he had his head screwed on and trained hard.


The told me the other day that he's thinking of scrapping the MMA and taking up The Chun. I was staggered and asked why and unfortunately his cousin, who will teach him, that sport fighting is ineffective in the street and only RBSD style training will work out.

Naturally I was stunned. I'm so used to hanging around here I'd assume that of someone trained in a decent manner they'd automatically bin the idea of training fruity bullshit.

Sadly I'm wrong and I'm still trying to sway the guy back to MMA.
Yo, that is seriously depressing. Hopefully, even if his cousin does sway him for a little bit, he'll realize on his on the Chun is ridiculous.

Has he mentioned if his cousin has started teaching him anything yet?