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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince Tortelli View Post
    The whole point of the above post was that I really can't fathom anyone starting a fight with a giant scarred professional facebreaker.
    It would be nice if human beings had a rational self interest but sadly much of the time they do not. It is not uncommon in my limited for certain people to have fetish for antagonizing people far more dangerous and imposing then them selves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antonyneal View Post
    I was just saying that surly the mechanisms of justice in the world should be more inclined to deal with a conflict that caused a lot of serious physical harm(regardless of who is in the wrong) then a apparently harmless push.
    Never again will I be able to think of Justice without the knowledge that in addition to being blind she is also surly. I appreciate that.

    Honestly, the only thing I think Overeem is guilty of here is not having the presence of mind to have security handle her. If he meant to hurt her in any way with his shove she'd be a part of the wall.
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    His court date was supposed to be february 21st...after googling and searching around i can't find anything on it. anybody have any updates?

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