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    If there is a choise between Boxing and MT i say it deppends on your body type, if you are tall and lanky your boxing won't include too much bobbing and wiving, that put strain on your back. MT because of high kicks, is also hard and the clinch is obviously bad. But i think a striking art will be better anyhow for you.

    Yeah but I think the odd clinch is probably better than constant bjj twisting and reefing. Last 2 weeks have been pretty good so Im feeling like I just may have a shot at learning how to fight, getting back on the MA escalator. Im gonna sign up for muay thai I think but half ass the high kicks- I cant even get my leg up there anyway.

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    BJJ made my lower back feel better and Muay Thai made it feel worse. It took about a year of BJJ to notice the difference. I believe it is because BJJ leads to way more core strength than Muay Thai. Also, in Muay Thai we tended to do more things that aggravated it like running and standing around on concrete.

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