Another great episode of ESPN2's Friday Night Fights happened. Once again, the undercard was more entertaining than the main event.

Kim-Amidu was a great display of brawling.

By "brawl", I don't mean that either fighters were sloppy or lacked skill. Brawling is a legitimate, long storied style in boxing. Some of the most famous boxers in history were brawlers including: Micky Ward, George Foreman, and (the fictional) Rocky Balboa.

Brawling, as a style, seems deceptively simple. A brawler moves forward into the killzone, absorbs punishment, then trades with their own (often) harder, more powerful punches.

Of course, there's more to it than that. Brawling is about foot positioning, forcing your opponent onto his heels, and maximizing torque for hooks and uppercuts.

What made this fight so fun to watch was that both Kim and Amidu were willing to trade — both being convinced of his ability to out-punch, out-muscle, and out-last the other.

Kim has a purer style of brawling, though he displays great speed as well. Amidu, on the other hand, attempted to counterpunch a few times.

Watch this while you can. Both fighters won't have long careers in boxing, by virtue of their willingness to trade all too often.

Also, the main event did have a sweet KO. Here it is, Ruslan Provodnikov's knockout of David Torres: