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    Problems with omoplata from spider guard

    Good day,
    I have recently been working on a roll-under omaplata from spider guard. i am having trouble with getting stuck under my opponents legs. can anyone here give me some advice on how to prevent this or perhaps someone has had this happen to them and know how to fix it, it would be great.

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    Excised from: http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=76402

    Normally I would move this type of "too brief in the description department" thread to the Basic Technique forum, but the topic of this one is not a basic technique.

    If you want us to be able to help you grapplecanada87, you'll need to go into a little more detail when describing what you do during the transition from spider guard to omoplata. Like, where do you place your feet? What type of grips do you prefer? Etc.
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    I'm not sure what exactly you're having issues with, but this video teaches it pretty damn well.

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    JNP is correct, we need more description of your foot and hand placement and whether or not you are working spider on a standing or kneeling opponent.

    Regardless, Bruiser's vid is the standard set-up of the transition from Spider to Oma on a standing opponent. Its not much different than on a kneeling opponent except you have to flair out your knees to break their posture and then pick a side to kick through to transition to the oma.

    If you are "getting caught between their legs" it sounds like you are actually going from Spider, to inverted, to oma (from Spider, for example, you are trying to transition to oma with your left leg attacking their left arm) and may want to look at Roleta's various set-ups and transitions through inverted.


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