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    Quote Originally Posted by judoka_uk View Post
    Lol exactly isn't anonymous 99.99% kids who lend their computers out for DoS attacks and 0.01% actual hackers.
    I wonder where that percentage will sit after this:

    A group of expert hackers who attacked governments and corporations around the globe have been arrested after its ringleader - one of the world's most-wanted computer vandals - turned against his comrades and secretly began working as an informant for the FBI months ago, authorities have announced.
    Five people were charged in court papers unsealed in federal court in New York, and authorities revealed that a sixth person, Hector Xavier Monsegur of New York, has pleaded guilty.
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    Monsegur was portrayed in court papers as the ringleader, a legendary figure known in the hacking underworld as Sabu. Authorities said he formed an elite hacking organisation last May and named it Lulz Security or LulzSec. Lulz is internet slang that can be interpreted as "laughs", "humour" or "amusement."

    Though Anonymous is trying to downplay the affect on them:
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