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    Featured Article "How to spar"

    In august of 2010 forum member and amateur fighter Torakaka wrote an excellent and informative article on "How to Spar"

    This article is now preserved in Bullshido's own Encyclopedia and is featured this month.

    Check it out !

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    Superhandy timing for me :-) Great article too thanks.

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    That's a good read.

    I'd respectfully add - if your instructor has just spent an hour going through two or three basics with you, which he/she then asks you to spar, then stick to those techniques. Your two minute round isn't an opportuntiy for you to pretend to be Roy Jones Jnr/Mike Tyson/Anderson Silva/whoever.

    I grew up through an era when maybe one in four people who walked through the doors of the gym thought they were going to be the next Naseem Hamed. A session of jabbing pads, advancing off the front foot and slipping/blocking jabs would immediately be followed by the sparring being constantly stopped when anxious newcomers launched themselves into flying uppercuts and winging arm hooks.

    Your early experiences with contact sparring will be nervy affairs. Try to relax, don't forget to breathe steadily and work the basics.


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