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    I have decided to make a ghillie suit using locally available materials

    So, I'm in the Federated States of Micronesia in Pohnpei state. There's so much Vietnam-ilicious jungle all around that I decided to make a ghillie suit for fun. However, there's limited materials available here as everything you can buy pretty much is imported from outside and so the selection is fairly haphazard.

    A friend of mine donated some old blue coveralls for my project. They're blue, are spattered with some paint, and smell funny, plus here's a hole in one spot.

    Today I ran around town and got the sturdiest extra fabric I could find, which is blue. I went looking for some mosquito netting as well but only found some cheap, thin, white Chinese crap that I bought anyway, reasoning that maybe I could dye it and use it to make a veil or something. I also got some green and brown non-reflective spray paint.

    No burlap anywhere. I checked.

    My plan is to repair the coveralls, and then spray paint them brown and green, and attach the extra fabric using fishing line. I have a floppy hat I think I can sacrifice in order to try and attach the mosquito netting, if it dyes or if I can successfully spray paint it.

    I'll try and post updates/photos as I'm able to make progress.

    I'm using the following instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Ghillie-Suit
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    This is my last post before I jet off for warmer climes however.

    I've constructed a number of ghillie, what many don't realise is that you don't have to go to the extent of working on an entire garment to cover the body, it's just not necessary.

    I'f you like some help (through here) when I'm back, I'll PM you.

    Burlap is just hessian sacking, if you can find empty sand bags they are ideal as they're already the right length for use.

    You'll additionally need three cans of auto spray paint.

    Dark Green, Earth Brown, Matt Black

    The garment you use as the base should be at least one possibly two sizes bigger than you'd normally wear as it has to sit comfortably over the top of your existing clothing and not restrict movement around the shoulders/armpits and upper torso.
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