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    24 Gi Chokes in Less Than 5 Minutes - Jason Scully

    Back again!! lol,

    This video was suppose to be apart of the no-gi video series that I made but then I realized it would be over 8 minutes haha and I didn't want that to happen. I know that people generally have a low attention span. I shared this with my email list at www.grapplersguide.com a couple days ago first and so far so good.

    This is just a very very small sample of gi chokes that is stored in the rolodex that I call my brain. I'm sure a lot of them are review for many of your and some are new for many of yo too. Hopefully it can help you get some ideas and improve upon your game. I'm sure I'll post another gi choke video in the near future. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy.

    Jason Scully

    P.S. PLEASE SHARE THIS AND PRESS THE THUMBS UP BUTTON AT THE END OF THE VIDEO IF YOU LIKE IT. It is really helpful to me and helps spread the word. Thanks everyone!
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    As a subscriber I already saw that you put it up. Nice work, again. Thank you very much. I must say that I have most of your videos on my iPad and watch them on the train while on the way to training. I would love to ask how the choke I learned last week was called but explaining moves in writing is not really working out :(

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    your vids rule, my man. im actually gonna take a shot at rolling again....


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