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    NEW VIDEO - 51 Guard Sweeps in Less Then 7 Min - Jason Scully

    Hey Everyone,

    So my highest recommended video was sweeps from the guard, so last night I decided to film a bunch of sweeps that came to mind and that I could fit in a short video like my others. I show sweeps from a bunch of positions. Hopefully they can help give some ideas or even bring back some sweeps that you used to do successfully but forgot about.

    One thing about sweeps and really any move for that matter is that they are highly dependent on not just knowing the move, but also knowing your opponent's positioning and reaction along with having proper grips and timing as well. And you should ALWAYS have it in your mind that no one technique always works. It's the set-up of the technique and the knowledge of combinations that help increase your success.

    Hope you enjoy,

    Jason Scully

    P.S. I have a goal of reaching 7,500 subscribers on YouTube, I could really use your support, if you enjoy my videos it would be greatly appreciated if you could subscribe as well as tell all of your teammates, facebook friends, and anyone else you know who would be interested to subscribe as well. They can go to www.youtube.com/jasculs

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    Great stuff as usual. I have already subbed on youtube so I can't help you there.

    This video is perfect in timing for me because I am currently the only white belt in class and all the others are preparing for the European Championships in 10 days (the other white belts take a break because the training gets more intensive during the preparation phase). I might still be the training dummy but we do a lot of passing and guard drills where I might be able to give my opponents a harder time. That should be good for their preparation, too.

    Thank you again for the video (might have to watch it a few hundred times more ;))


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