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    san francisco

    --san francisco--sparring gear purchased-need members now

    -----sparring gear purchased----

    ultimate safety sparring gear purchased with extra cushioned head gear and gloves to limit concussions

    goal-develop the hardest hitting hardest to hit fighters around and compete

    venue open parks and 24 hour fitness possible getting our own gym or location

    belief-i have been to a lot of gyms-amateur boxer-street fighter-trained by old school guys-brutes-angry dudes-etc....and the instructions are always very similar...a very meat and potato kind of structure to all ways of training in 90 percent of gyms and trainers

    i want to accomplish ultimate conditioning and a new age fighters with new age ways of seeing and destroying there competition in all ways..we know all mind techniques and controls....hit without getting hit.....intimidate...make your opponent fear

    training will be fun with music food drink
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