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I think you identified the issue right there. Those that were better were able to control the range, while the less awesome ones let you do it or (more likely) you were both fighting to control it. For me, more sparring is what it took to get better at that sort of thing, though I also like to work drills on a bag that moves a lot so that I can work on keeping range and working angles as it swings about.
i'm thinking you're right. One thing i feel is an issue for me IS the shotokan training. Since i train it for pure self defense, i've always trained to literally get as close to you as possible so i can bombard you with w/e i have to in order to finish the situation and gtf out of there. This works fine on "teh streetz", as i've had to do it before to literally save my life, and wouldn't change that aspect of my training for anything, but in sparring with another person who's willingly allowing you to try to beat on them, and trying to do the same, it's another story.

One thing i've been thinking about doing is using my BOB bag, and working on getting as much as extension as possible on my techniques, and aim for the VERY VERY end of the nose of the BOB bag, as in literally hitting with the very very tip of my knuckles on that one point. I figure in this regard, if i can make contact while moving in and out away from the bag, constantly changing my range, if i have the gloves on, that extra inch or so of range i'll gain from having them will make the difference.

Unfortunately we don't have that kind of bag there, i'd have to look into getting one myself. Ugh i can't wait till i have my own dojo and equipment so i can always have access to all the things i need all the time heh.

Honestly i feel like i'm at an impasse so to speak right now. I really honestly did not have any trouble with those that weren't GREAT, despite not having really sparred prior to the other day, i have been throwing punches and kicks and what not for the better part of 1/3rd of my life, and i've always naturally been able to kick people's asses (the average joe at least) even prior to really getting serious into training, so i feel like i have an edge over those who do train but aren't yet at the extremely good level, even despite that lack of sparring experience, overall i feel i did a really good job, and could have definitely put some people on their ass if we had been throwing with intent.

But again i think you're right, it's just going to be a matter of spar spar and spar some more. I should be able to start doing it once a week consistently, and i'm working with Rusty Rosenberger on the side as well (old local champ if anyone knows of him) at my fitness gym, i'm having him help me with ranges and keeping my damn hands up, so i should start hopefully progressing faster ^_^ Guess i shouldn't be too upset about not being able to touch actual amature fighters and professionals who have been doing it on a pro level for several years :)