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    Anyone Hear of Grandmaster John Dowdy?

    Does anyone here know about "Grandmaster" John Dowdy in Burlington, NC?

    His site says he teaches both Hapkido and MMA/JJ but seems to me like a McDojo.

    Opinions, please?


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    Sorry for finding this late. But yes, I have had one experience with this man. He was allowed to do a seminar at my gym, as he was a very old instructor of the owner. It was terrible. He showed a grappling kata that was so full of holes and incorrect position that it made my eyes bleed. Also he showed a grappling kata period. A kata at a bjj school for fucks sake. Done on the ground, and it was all wrong and done in slow motion. You could see people struggling to keep quit, and not say "but if i do this my partner should just snap my arm off and leave with it". He also seems to like chi-balls and pressure point attacks to get out of bad positions on the ground (standard nut shots, gouges, and pain compliance things that no grappler would give up on a submission because of).

    All that being said, he did compete in UFC 5 losing to Guy Mezger. He seems to be a tough old guy but with an out of date style and methodology. He is still holding on to style vs style days. Everyone suffered through the seminar including the owner and just let him get out the door. It was bad and none of us were happy with what we got. But then again we are a bjj and mma school, not hapkido.

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