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    A few years ago, bully Chickenbeakfist told me a story where he was coming to or from a Renaissance fair, got stopped by a cop, who saw a bunch of swords in his car. Cop asked him to get out, he does, cop sees he's wearing tights and everyone has a weird laugh.

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    I got pulled over once, turned out my left tail light was out.

    I just pulled into a parking space turned the car off and got out.

    He told me the light was broken, I said I'd go and get it fixed.

    He asked if I was drinking tonight, I told him I was staying at a mate's and he wished me a good evening.

    All very civil really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scut Farkus View Post
    The details of how you can carry depend on state law. I don't live in Florida but I'm pretty sure (without going to Google) Florida is a gun friendly state and the laws are probably similar to my state (NC).

    There's no requirement in NC for your gun to be a certain distance from you. You can open carry here. It's legal to have the gun loaded on your hip if you want, without a permit if it isn't concealed.

    I believe the 3 move rule you're referring to may pertain to a concealed weapon with no concealed carry permit. So you can have the pistol concealed in your trunk or something like that. Maybe one of the Coppers can clarify.
    Sorry for the delayed response...

    IANAL: I do live in Florida and have my Florida CCW.

    There is no basis in Florida law for the "3-step rule." There is a provision which says that firearms in a vehicle must be securely encased and not able to be readied for immediate use. However, that does not apply if you have your CCW and are otherwise obeying the law (not buzzed/drunk, etc.).

    Also, in Florida, there is no requirement to preemptively disclose that you are carrying, so while unloading and making your weapon(s) visible may seem like a good idea, it may get you into more trouble depending on the situation.

    (edit) this page covers Florida pretty well, and he is a lawyer...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wetware View Post
    Damn, if I see many more videos like that, I may forsake my crackertude and start seeing cops as potential enemies rather than automatic allies. In all these years of human history and American society, why haven't we yet figured out a way to prevent fucktards with Little Dick Syndrome from becoming cops?!

    No joke, this is really starting to get to me. How is that situation any better than the bar bouncer who trapped the guy in the bathroom? I have this sneaking feeling that if I ever meet a cop like that, the news will lead with the story of a dead middle class white boy with crack sprinkled on him.

    **** it, maybe I should just save for some Level III body armor and expect to take a few in the chest at some point.

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