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    Makoto Fuchigami vs. Koji Sato: A Badass Japanese Middleweight Brawl

    This fight isn't large on technique -- though power and heart are seen in spades. Neither of these guys seem to like blocking each other's punches, except with their face. The result is wave after wave of haymakers in a sheer battle of attrition.

    The fight starts at 2:24 of Part 1. The first round is a dull affair that serves as a feeling out process. Everything changes at the one minute mark of Round 2 (7:20 of Part 1) when Fuchigama and Sato begin exchanging hard vicious shots. Sato is dropped for the first time in this round.

    This begins a one sided beatdown as Fuchigama slowly turns Sato's face into pizza. As a viewer, I wondered how long Sato would survive.

    But in Round 8 (0:40 of Part 3), things began to shift when the brawl reaches a crescendo. Sato roars back, delivering an overhand that sends Fuchigama to the ropes. Both fighters blitz each other with haymakers.

    This triggers one of the most dramatic comebacks seen this year.

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    This is some Hajime No Ippo **** right here.

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    Woah, now I like boxing again!

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    There is a lot of good boxing in Asia that we don't get to see much of over here.
    Thanks for posting that up
    Although it must be said..neither one of these guys are very good boxers from a technical standpoint. Lots of arm-punching, no defense whatsoever.
    Tremendous heart shown by both of them. A very entertaining fight.
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