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    Big Country vs Werdum


    I like this matchup and it is a tough fight to call.


    BJJ: Werdum is obviously the better BJJ guy but I think Roy is good enough to avoid the sub if he ends up on top and keeps him stuffed against the cage.

    Wrestling: Roy has the advantage here, but it's not like Werdum would fight the takedown anyway.

    Striking: I think this fight will take place on the feet where Werdum has the technical advantage but lacks power while Roy has more power and a very good chin.

    I think Roy is going to land some shots and bully Werdum against the cage to earn the decision but if Werdum can keep the fight in the center of the Octagon he has a good chance to win.

    Roy by UD.

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    Potentially interesting matchup. Both high level submission artists who seem to have lost to the same opponents in Arlovski and JDS.

    I'll take Werdum by decision. His grappling is better than Nelson's, although Nelson is undeniably very good, and his standup more technical, even though Nelson seems to have the better one-punch power.


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