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    Whats next in the world of MMA?

    After Ortiz's crushing defeats in the octogon - whats next for him? The only other fight I think the fans will want to see is vs lee Murray. Do you think he'll be up for that?

    And on the subject of former great fighters, whats going to become of Sakuraba? Is it possible for him to make a comeback ala Mark Coleman? He is my favourite fighter in the history of MMA, so I have a vested interest in seeing a comeback of sorts but I'm not sure he's the fighter he once was. I think he's lost a lot of confidence and I guess those years keep piling on which doesn't help much.

    The fights I really want to see are Vitor Belfort vs Wanderlei Silva or Randy Couture vs Wanderlei Silva. Both these guys are in the best form of their careers and IMO would cause serious problems for Wanderlei.

    And in the heavyweight division there's the Pride Heavy Weight Grand Prix to look forward to. Would love to see cro cop win but I think fedor is a more likely candidate for this title.

    Anyway, just hoping to hear some more news on fights we should be looking forward to and opinions on todays MMA champions.

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