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    My (Insert Body Part) Hurts, What Exercise Should I Do?


    Not only here on these lovely forums, but damn near everywhere I go people seem to ask the question what exercise to do when something hurts. This is in most cases an ass-backwards approach and just silly.

    To start, pain is a medical issue. When you stub your toe you probably don't need to see the doctor. If you've had back pain for months, why the hell are you trusting anyone except a medical rehabilitation professional to do anything to your body? Yes, there are some very bright people out there who I might trust over some PTs, ATCs, MDs, and certainly DCs, but getting people out of pain isn't their job. Just because butchers deal in cutting meat things doesn't mean you should ask them to do your surgery.

    Secondly if you're doing something and it hurts, but you keep doing and you're wondering why you're in pain, you could add the best damn stretching, soft tissue, exercise routine in the world, but that thing is probably not getting healed up. When you're in pain it's much more about taking things away to start than adding something new.

    There are clearly exceptions to every rule, but the answer to to the question "what should I do about my sore (knee, wrist, back, elbow, shoulder, ankle, neck, etc)?" is to contact someone in medicine whose job it is to know.


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    Nice, seeing the thread title I thought it would be a serious question and my response would have been pretty much along your post.

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