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    I enjoyed watching the competition video. Thanks for posting it. Korean martial arts look very interesting and Taekkyon looks like fun. That being said, I agree with one of the previous posts. It looks like Judo with shin/low kicks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcousticCafe View Post
    Babo78: Props to you.

    Damn- I was taekkyon was more popular in the US. It is so much more preferable than TKD. Non-game taekkyon actually features a few handstrikes from what I've seen.

    This gym also seems to experiment with kyokushin + mma rules; not sure if they are a taekkyon school though.
    It is common misconception that taekkyon has 0% handstrikes as a MA. However, it is completely understandable point of view since there is 0% handstrikes in the actual competitions, and an average taekkyon-kkun usually does not have enough opportunity to practice handstrikes to be sparring or combat applicable.

    Anyhow, this school is not a taekkyon school, but from what I can hear from the video, looks like these guys are having an open mat night and playing with taekkyon+kyokushin+mma rules. More from these guys with actual taekkyon guy in it. FYI taekkyon guy is the one with a brown jacket.

    Taekkyon Ruleset

    Kyokushin Ruleset

    MMA Ruleset

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