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    Turnverein Garmisch 1868 Bjj and Muay Thai Sections.

    The Sport club where is train is the Turnverein Garmisch 1868 located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany. I train in the BJJ section of the club, and the section also includes the Muay Thai and MMA training. I cant review any other sections of the club. The club is associated with Gracie Barra and Rodolfo Amaro. He isnt at the club, but does come to seminars their, the main Bjj Instructor is a Purple belt under him. I can't give a good background on the Muay Thai/mma instructor, I do know that he trained in Thailand, and has fought in Muay Thai competitions, and mma competitions in Germany. I will have to do more research to post more about him.

    Aliveness: I am only going to rate this as a 6, As far as Bjj goes we do Roll in every class, and it is full resistance. We do not however spar in every Muay Thai class, and spend more time doing focus pad work, heavy bag work, clinch drills, ect. There is some sparing but due to a large difference in experience level of studends it can range from light contact sparing, to medium or heavy contact sparing with protective gear but it varies lightly, for the more advanced people there is the possibility of mma style sparing but we don't have a cage so that is somewhat makeshift...

    Equipment: Here I will Rate at a 5, you are best off if you can bring your own equipment, but there are basics there that can be used if you don't own your gear. There is quite a bit of mat space compared to the number of people who train there, on Muay Thai nights we have Heavy bags up for people to work on, there are Focus Pads, loaner gloves, shin pads, and head gears as well.

    Gym Size: Is a 7, (maybe a 6) The matt space isnt huge but in the realm of 1000 sq ft., but due to the fact that we are in a small town we don't have a large number of people training on most nights so there is a lot of room for people to roll competitivly without bumping into other people. If we have the heavy bags up, and a couple guys are working on focus pads then the left over space to roll isnt great.

    Instructor to Student Ratio: 6 I rate 6 because although classes are small sometimes only an instructor and 2 students we do get more people in some nights and then set instructors are pretty busy and some of the more experienced students tend to help out with newer people. In addition to this Since the Bjj Instructors are of Purple belt level and I cant link fight records ect. For the Muay Thai instructor I don't want to rate the instructors too high until I can back it up.

    Atmosphere: 8 even though I am not German, and the primary language is german, with one instructor only speaking Hungarian most everyone there is great, and we usually have a great time training, I have never really had drama there, and everyone is pretty open and helpful.

    Striking Training: 6 We do cover strikeing from all distances, clinch to kicking, but not all in each week because we dont train striking every day. The techniques are practical as it relates to the sport of Muay Thai, and mma competitions, but do not have a focus on self defence... i.e no super deadly techniques that can't be practiced.

    Grappling Training: 6 We do have comprehensive grappling, but clinch work, and takedowns are not trained as much as I think would be good. Most sparing starts from the knees, but is fully resisted. If you have a training partner that wants to work from the feet its not forbidden, just not the norm. Some studends do compete in local, and European competitions. There is a lack of focus on beginer techniques and it needs more work in that area, new guys learn a few techniques through drills each week, and then are set loose to spar. A comprehensive program for beginers isnt there.

    Weapons: N/A We do not do any weapons training, we also do not do any crazy knife disarms/gun disarms ect.

    I guess that about summs it up, if anyone wants more information on anything I can try to see if I can get more info, or put more detail into the idividual sections.
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