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    Abs Workouts & Heatlhy Meals?

    I'm 13, almost 14 in 5 months. My friend had a 4 pack, he is a BBOY and a few other things so it's required. I have been doing a ton of ab workouts lately. And I found a video saying everyone has abs it's just hiding under the layer of fat, which I already new. And then it said to eat healthy to remove the fat or something. But the thing is, I don't really have "fat" on my body. I have abs, but I'm trying to improve them possibly looking for a #pack. Anyways as I said, I don't have fat on me. I can see my bones aha. Anyways hopefully someone will help. Thanks.
    P.S I know this site isn't designed for "children" but I need some answers besides videos on YouTube.

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    Abs Workouts - Hanging leg raises,Weighted leg raises,Russian twists,Lying medicine ball toss,Incline sit-ups etc.
    I personally recommend the hanging leg raise, it requires a tremendous amount of abdominal strength to make sure that you don't swing back and forth.

    Pasta salads are cheap and healthy.
    Just boil the pasta in a pan, sort out what kind of salad you want and put in a bowl, drain and serve the pasta on the salad, drizzle some mayonnaise on top and use a wooden spoon to mix it all together - simple and tasty.

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    This is kind of weird, but I'll play for now.

    You're 13 years old so your muscles are still developing significantly...with this pace you they are going to develop unevenly and differently from your peers. With that out of the way....

    Diet is important. After a workout, if you are sore, that is your body telling you about microfiber tears in your muscles. Your muscles need proteins to fix those. Once fixed, the muscles grow (along with BCAAs and other important minerals that others can speak more intelligently on).

    Personally, when I'm doing isolation workouts (I change my workout type every couple of months), I treat abs like another muscle group....as in I don't do it everyday, but when I do, I go hard. Throughout the remainder of the week, I ensure I am doing compound exercises that touch on the core....but nothing that focuses on it autonomously.

    As a general comment, core stuff is great. Learn stuff on swiss balls (a litany of planks, mountain climbers, butt ups, etc), and do a combination of weighted and high rep exercises.....for cut six packs you'll want the majority to be using not so much weight. Get someone to observe your exercises as a lot of people do abs with crappy form. Most unweighted ab workouts I do, its super hard to get more than 30 reps. A lot of times this difference is subtle....if you are working out a new part of your abdominals that are difficult, your body naturally will find the easiest, least resistant, path which sort of negates the whole point. More often than not, you won't be able to notice this with exercises you aren't familiar with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braedon View Post
    Of course, the site is not designed for children and I think they shouldn't be allowed to stuff
    with such activities. Actually, the bodybuilding and workout for abs must not be before 16,
    otherwise one can face some injurious side effects with the passage of time.
    I will note that I'm pretty sure that some of our best posters have been pretty young.

    On a side note, though, are you saying kids younger than 16 should not be doing abdominal workouts and weights?

    Also: the above poster has been banned, thus this thread is now pretty redundant.
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