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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacque123 View Post
    Nice approach and post.We can summarize this in this way that do not follow others and just do that which one is easier for you and you can do that perfectally..Just focus and keep your personality first in your mind.
    There goes our last female.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Hole View Post
    This post makes no sense.
    None of the best eastern philosophy does.

    When life gives you lemons... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!

    "what's the best thing about aikido then?"
    "To be defeated by your enemies, to be driven by them from the field of battle, and to hear the lamentations of your women." ermghoti

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerdavy View Post
    One piece of advice that I haven't seen is this: If you are invited to socialize with people that you would like to work for or with, DO IT. My career path is a glowing example of social connections having far more weight than credentials. There are virtually no jobs that will take you if you don't [appear to] fit in with their desired culture.

    You never know when that beer with a contact may be an interview.
    THIS especially depending on your industry. In mine (advertising/marketing) probably 40-60% is being someone who everyone likes and knows can get their **** done while building great relationships with clients/coworkers.

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    *Get the best education you can afford. Go to the best school you can get accepted to. Don't get a degree from Phoenix online because you don't want to **** with sending out 20 applications to real schools. School reputation is important.

    *Be smart when you choose your major. Some people will major in Art History and become millionaires. That person is not you. Do your research and go into a field where people consistently take their degrees and make the type of living you're happy with.

    *If you need additional certificates, advanced degrees, etc. to succeed in your field be prepared to get them.

    I agree with everything contained in this list but would like to add one small point (that may have already been made, if so apologies for the repetition).

    Choose a subject and whilst you're studying, GET WORK IN THE RELEVANT FIELD, experience is far more important than any other single factor when recruiting for small/medium sized companies. It might be difficult to get a relevant job, so be prepared to work for free. Try for interships, but get experience. Your degree is worth roughly the same as a gift certificate if it doesn't come with experience. (And it cost you four years of your life and thousands of dollars).

    The number of applicants i see who have top class degrees but are essentially non functional in a work environment is frightening. Understand that many who lecture (business degrees and bloody MBA's) have never been to the marketplace to test there skills, so their opinion of your skills carries little weight with me. At the interview you should be required to show that you have 'functionality' if the interviewer does their job properly.

    With regard to the interview question set, sadly many interviewers simple ask a series of bog standard questions and tick boxes rather than use the questions to ensure that they are getting the right fit when they employ you. When preparing for the inteview, think of the what may be asked and think about what the purpose behind the questions might be, then formulate an answer that show something of yourself.

    ' A twitter feed'?? - somewhere in here someone mentioned a twitter feed as being somehow important in business. For an internet based business, maybe i suppose, but for a real world business ths is terrible advice, twitter is a distraction a best...even a website is not of great importance, just make sure you are clearly referenced in the relevant busines directories - websites i'm afraid are not of any great use to most businesses.

    As a start up, if you really want to be 'a boss' - websites are an unneccesary additional finacial cost and represent a cost in time and will distract from the task at hand- cost control and creation of margins.

    As has been said before, being 'the boss' means money (in the form of profit or loss) and all the problems under the sun.

    Sure, work smarter, but don't use it as an excuse to not work hard.

    I write this only to draw a distinction between the corporate expectation of an employee and my expectation in an SME.
    I t is only my point of view but one i know is shared by my competitors.


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