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    Weekend Warriors

    I have been training twice a day for a few months. Due to schedule changes I will be on a new schedule. With less time for skill training and s&c.

    I'm currently engaged in three strength days and conditioning days. With four days of skill training.

    I'm thinking of 1 max strength day, 1 explosive strength days. 2 conditioning days focusing on different aspect. and 2 skill days.

    I'm not a fighter or planned on becoming pro. I just enjoy martial arts and its benefits.

    I want to hear your schedule for those who are trying to juggle many things at once. do you think even 1 day training a week is ok? for weekend warrior type of guys like myself?

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    You want to hear my schedule here you go. I'm not sure of your goals but this summer my schedule was like this:

    School 2 classes a week (online) with clinicals(unpaid) at the hospital 40 hours a week, work; nights and weekends fri night & sat night & sunday double shift (10am-11pm 1hr break). Between work and clinicals together I'd work about 65-70 hours a week. I'd do BJJ 2x a week at 6am for 2hrs and FMA 1-2x a week for about 2 hrs. I'd workout in my garage while studying between sets doing stronglifts 5x5 3x a week. Although, sometimes i'd just have to knock our a quick 15-20 min circuit of pullups, bodyweight rows, pushup variations, and pistols to get some conditioining in to get all my studying done. During the school year my schedule was basically the same except I took 5 online classes for fall,winter, and spring semester while doing 32 hours a week at the hospital sticking to the same basic BJJ, FMA and workout schedule (although FMA was usually only once a week except for holidays). I also had a wedding and honeymoon on this schedule and I have a child in elementaryschool. How'd I do it? Every moment not spent on MA or exercise was devoted to family or study, there was little time for anything else. Occasionaly the inlaws would watch our kid and i'd take my wife out (she'd drive i'd unload some stress in the form of liver abuse). I also entered my first BJJ comp and lost but considering my schedule I was satisfied with what happened.

    It can be done, I don't want to be a pro fighter just better than everyone else doing what I do.

    I don't know much about training but what are max strength days and explosive days vs conditioning days? Is this layed out in a regimen somewhere or your own creation? That's one of the biggest problems I find with exercise programs; few of them answer all of the questions. That's why I like stronglifts.com it answers everything. Still, I feel there's got to be a more martial arts conditioning centered program for newbs that answers all of my ignorant questions.

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    I find juggling a 6 day a week job and wife and kids pretty tough going when it comes to regular training. I used to do crossfit, strength training, BJJ/Judo and Krav but life got in the way and I had to make some cuts. I dropped everything but BJJ and Krav, twice each per week. We do nogi and MT sparring in my Krav club too so I get to keep my skillz from going rusty.
    The way I look at it is, BJJ and Krav both give an unmerciful workout that hits the cardio, endurance and general fitness - BJJ in particular add to the core and upper body strength too. I'd rather skill up in fighting while maintaining fitness than working out in a gym where the focus is 100% on fitness/strength, hence dropping the gym and circuit training.
    I'll probably get a bench and some free weights for the house at some point though but it will mean training an hour before the family gets up in the morning.
    At the end of the day you just have to look at your goals. I would consider myself a weekend warrior too - I compete in BJJ too but only for fun and to test myself. The real reason I train is for stress relief and to be able to put stop to anyone who decides to mess with me or my family. For me that means more time at MA than in the gym.

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    I train pretty hard.

    For one day a week I think you need to be doing some sort of conditioning and cardio through the week for no other reason than to reduce the shock of your one day a week training.

    In simplest terms go for a run the next day.


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