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    That's good to know. I'm really interested to see how they condition and spar. I'm gonna try and check it out tomorrow or sat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugeisha View Post
    Yeah, there are plenty of knockdown tournies in the US. Most of the one's I've seen have semi-contact and full-contact divisions. Semi contact means you wear the karate style white gloves and shinguards. Full contact means bareknuckle. I actually found that I got less hurt in full contact tournament fighting because the fighters are more careful about their strikes; there's less flailing.
    What he said. When you're un-padded, especially on your knuckles, you become pretty aware of the fact that you want to hit soft targets direct and hard to stop a guy as quickly as possible. Conditioning is painful. I can honestly say that Kyokushin classes hurt more on a nerve level than any kickboxing or BJJ class I've attended. I mean, getting hit in the head with gloves will make a person dizzy, and may knock you out, but it doesn't really "hurt" in the same sense as taking knuckles, bare shins and knees to the body and legs (and occasionally a kick to the head), which is entirely what traditional Kyokushin is all about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerof0ne View Post
    Great, can you? Is this some forum internet pissing and/or trolling technique? Gee, no wonder why I don't post often on here :).
    I think that Lindz meant: How can you defend/train against bareknuckle headshots?

    All the tournements/styles that you listed go "gloved" when headshots are integrated in the sparring, except Kudo but they have the "spacehelmets".
    Quote Originally Posted by Jiujitsu77
    You know you are crazy about BJJ/Martial arts when...
    Quote Originally Posted by Humanzee
    ...your books on Kama Sutra and BJJ are interchangeable.
    Quote Originally Posted by jk55299 on Keysi Fighting Method
    It looks like this is a great fighting method if someone replaces your shampoo with superglue.
    The real deadly:

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    typical kyokushin body hardening Kyokushin body hardening that, at places, go a bit too far.

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