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    It was a great event and we raised money for charity and had fun in the process. All proceeds went to assist local burn victims.

    Aaron- there is a reason you are VP of the ASA. Your skill sets and teaching style are inspirational to coaches like me. You truly are a coach’s coach.

    I am also glad more people are learning about the ASA and what a fantastic organization it is and also seeing the greatness of methodology that Sambo has to offer. I am very proud of it and happy to do my part to spread the word.

    ECS will continue to represent the ASA and further build a Sambo presence by bringing only the best Sambo talent to Texas via seminar, Tournaments, Clinics extra.

    For my Jiu-Jitsu brothers, All of you are welcome to come train and learn some new skills to add to your current skill sets. ECS MMA is open to all that have a good attitude and are willing to share knowledge.

    Everyone can expect many more Sambo events in the future.

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    Man, I had a great time. Funny how Aaron and I are obsessed with the same foot sweep... It's a sign of genius.

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