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    Airlie Beach MMA

    Airlie beach MMA Is a local club situated in.

    Extreme fitness 24hr gym
    Level 3/13 Waterston Way Airlie beach whitsundays.

    We are a club that specializes in Mixed Martial arts but also have affiliations with whitsunday Boxing school.

    The class is run by Anton Zafir who is an up and coming MMA fighter and Danny Zealand who is an amature boxer and has also had a MMA fight.

    Allright that is about as proffessional as I manage. Basicly we get together and train MMA. Striking/wrestling and ground work is all mashed in together during class. We focus on hard training, fitness and good basics.

    I really like this club. It is a friendly atmosphere that provides quality training with a no ego environment. Everyone gets along we all support each other and we are all there just to be a bit better and make each other a bit better.

    It is also a club that has produced successful fighters on an amature level. and I feel has the ability to give a person the competantcy to be safe in the ring if they want to pursue that option. And everyone can move in that direction if they want.

    The fighters train with everyone else everybody spars with everybody regardless of skill level and new people are kept safe. You just come in join in and you are good to go.

    The class itself is well structured combining drills with situational stuff and free sparring. Some of the time we will be doing exersises to assist the fighters in preparation for their fights but I think this is a benifit to the training not a hinderence.


    9 We go all the way up to full contact in sparring. Although usually with 16 ounce gloves and shinguards. We have a local show that we represent in once a year which are sanctioned three times five minute MMA matches. Or two minute boxing matches. We have also had guys to C class fights which are shorter modified rules MMA.


    3 We have mats. and three heavy bags. Otherwise bring your own stuff. On that though dont feel you need bring more than a mouthguard to join in.

    Gym size.

    3 It is small but then we are a small club. There are mabye 10 regulars.

    instructor student ratio

    7 There is no real rating for this. Anton and Danny are not master level instructors. But they are on the mat every time working with every student. And well there are about ten of us.

    Atmosphere and attitude.

    10 It gets a ten and I dont care. It really is one of the most inclusive clubs i have been to. It is one of the best Atmoshpheres I have trained in. Everybody just wants to be there to train as hard as they can.


    5 sorta. Look if you just do the MMA you will do striking as setups for the grappling and the sparring (We shoot box alot) But we also have a boxing club near by that everyone goes to anyway and they do better than average in competitions. Danny and Anton also teach there.


    7 The grappling is MMA. Nobody has a belt in anything and our fighters are still subbing people out in comps.



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    mma /boxing/muai thai
    Just to update here we are now called whitsunday martial arts. and have moved to a dedicated venue at. 6 Myer Lasky Dr, Cannonvale QLD 4802

    Oh. And our coach, Anton has won a couple of titles and fought in the UFC. So we are clipping along. And we have Bruno, a black belt BTT guy doing the jits.


    Whitsunday Martial Arts Airlie Beach North Queensland.


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