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    Bullseye Tactical Firearms Training

    Chris Ewens
    Mr. Ewens owns a tactical firearms school, currently operating out of Redding, CA. The physical address for the school is 3286 Bechelli Lane. He offers a variety of courses to include Concealed Carry classes, Basic Firearms and Advanced firearms. He offers practical tactical training at a low cost, all inside of a comfortable environment. Mr. Ewens also provides the ability to mix tactical firearms training with Kung Fu San Soo to complete an entire tactical experience that is not your normal ‘XYZ School.’

    1.State of California certified SWAT member 1986
    2.State of California certified SWAT sniper 1986
    3.State of California firearms and less lethal instructor 1986
    4.State of California certification in the use of SWAT machine guns 1988
    5.“Primary Instructor” for his SWAT team 1986-1990
    6.Certified by the FBI, California Peace Officers Standards and Training, California Bureau of Security Investigative Services, and the NRA to instruct firearms and personal protection courses.
    7.Began training in Kung Fu San Soo in 2001
    8.Kung Fu San Soo black belt 2005 (Earned 5 degrees of black belt between 2006 and 2011)
    9.Department of Defense police officer 1980-1982 @ Hamilton Air Force Base (Novato, CA)
    10.California Department of Corrections Officer at San Quinton and Vacaville- 1982 and continuing for 16 years.
    11.California Department of Corrections S.E.R.T. member-1986
    12.Lassen College law enforcement gunsmith classes – 1986 to 1987


    I am not calling this guy a liar, because I don’t know him. However, with such claims I think it is worth looking into. I am going to need some help with the Kung Fu San Soo claims (it just seems like a short time to become such a high rank, but I don’t know).

    One claim that I have already found to be suspicious was the Department of Defense police officer position from 1980-1982. From what I have read, which I admit is pretty limited so far; the DOD quit providing security for Hamilton in 1978 and hired a civilian company.

    According to the California Bureau of Security Investigative Services website, Mr. Ewens is an instructor in good standing, since 1987.

    I am currently drafting FOIA letters to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the California Peace Officers Standards and Training (help with that will be appreciated). I am currently awaiting a response from Mr. Ewens via e-mail. I will keep you updated.

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    John.. Keep us posted with what you find with the FOIA documents, they should be scanned and posted into this thread as image attachments for transparency.

    I'm sure someone with a background in the Chinese arts will assist.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

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