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    Cage fighter Ally McCrae crushed to death by dead cow in horrific accident.

    This is actually a really tragic story, not least of all because his friends thought it was a joke when they heard the news.

    From The Sun newspaper

    A CAGE fighter has died after a dead COW fell on him at an abattoir.

    Ally McCrae, 23 a member of a team called the Dinky Ninjas had a heart attack after being crushed by the carcass as he worked at the slaughterhouse.

    The mixed martial arts ace died in hospital after the horror accident.

    But last night Ally's distraught pals told how he was such a prankster that when they heard about his death in Paisley, Scotland, they thought it was a JOKE.

    The Dinky Ninjas Fight Team's head coach John Nicholson said: "He was such a joker and when I heard the bizarre circumstances of the accident, I thought for a second he must be playing a silly joke.

    "He was known for his banter. It's such a tragedy none of us can quite believe what has happened."

    John later posted on Facebook: "Night night wee Ninja brother. Look down on us from the sky with your big grin."

    read more here:

    Horrible way to die and so young.


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    Strange way to go but sad all the same
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler


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