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I guess the biggest loss, including the bench rest rifles, was the Brno Mauser based one he built for my grandfather's retirement. Mannlicher stocked, it was a thing of beauty. Wasn't the most accurate of the lot, but had great sentimental value.

With you on the glass (and aging). Weeping now just thinking of some that are no longer here.

No longer -

Model 700's in .270, 30-06 and a Varmint SF in .308.
Numerous Mauser 98 action based rifles (one in .45-70 Govt, had a bullet drop like a rainbow).
Model 03/A3s, one in .257 Roberts, another in .243
The bench rest rifles in .222 and 6x45. Macmillan action/Schillen barreled if I remember correctly for both. Another incomplete based on a Model 788 (due to the nine locking lugs of the bolt).

Others that were wildcat rounds and somebody buying them at a pawn shop would have had a hard time finding ammunition (-;

I still have a falling block action and butt plate. It wasn't built and as such is still here. Greener? if I remember correctly.

Thanks for the thread. Making me want to get out there and dig into the gunsmith tools/parts still kept in good condition.

Man there was some nice stuff in there , the mention of the old 788s brought back some memories as did the mention of .222 , I can remember when .222 and .220 Swift were THE coyote rounds , and I'd give up my left one for that 6 x 45 you refernce above.