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What I don't get is the requirement that a person be a professional to be a boxer when all one needs to do is train in judo to be a judoka (for example).
Well, if you strum a guitar, you could say you're a guitarist, but if you're auditioning for a gigging/touring band you need to have gigged to really say you're a "guitarist" in the terms they're looking for, as there are plenty of gigging musicians who can get by on several instruments (including me - in the last 3 months I've gigged on guitar, bass and drums, all while singing) , and want experienced specialists, who've done the thing...not just in the bedroom (practicing in the bedroom, not sexityme)

As far as fighting, boxing is very deep, there's tons of ammy, and pro stuff going on, and have been for so long, that anyone who's hit a focus mitt, shouldn't really be a "boxer" in their description. If they've done some ammy, or even high school or something, that's all good. Perhaps not for all fighting styles, but for boxing, there should be some kind of bar, when they're talking about the elite of mixed martial arts.