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    I left the martial arts scene for several years due to an abundence of "mcdojo's" I became disillusioned with the arts.

    I am now looking for a martial art which will suit me. Hence the question:

    Which Art do you practice and what are the pro's and cons of your art?

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    What someone else practices should not have a role in your decision....Each art / style has its strong and weak points. Some more than others.

    My suggestion is to narrow your choice down to a few that interest you, find the local schools and visit them. Talk with the instructor, watch a class or two and take a few classes....Most instructors will let you take a few classes free of charge. I often observe my first class from my car, in the parking lot....Sounds kind of wierd but based on what I see this determines if it is worth my while to even walk through the door. (Obviously the school must have a glass front).

    Beware of schools that want long contracts....Some schools in my area require a 3 year deal plus they debit your bank account!!!

    Beware of schools that charge one price for regular classes, additional fees for ground fighting classes, weapons training, self defense, knife defense, etc, etc, etc......

    Find something that you like and that works for you and then stick with it....Train long and hard and you will be rewarded.....Don't limit yourself to one train of thought. Experiment and become familiar with other styles (Know thy enemy) I don't mean train six month here, six months there.....Stick with the art you choose and master it but cross train in other styles.

    Good luck with your journey.

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    Bolton, Lancashire, UK
    I took up Aikido because I knew the instructor and one of his students. Because I respected them as opposed to the art (of which I'd seen several negative examples) I decided to train with them. Admittedly most Dojos in the UK are quite small clubs running in church halls or sports centers, so McDojos are nowhere near as common. Bad teachers are plentiful though.

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    Man was I ever in the same boat as you. If you want to regain your respect for martial arts go take a BJJ class with a qualified instructor. One class is all it takes. Right now its cinsidered the most demanding art to recieve belts in and when you practice you are actually making someone give up. You KNOW you could have won. Its not tag or even full contact sparring with rules. When you grapple someone and place them in a choke and they tap out you KNOW they were finished.
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    figure out what you are intrested in first. do you want competition or just good self defense? if you want competition what kind? are you a better striker or grappler? do you want to look cool or fight? do you want both? what schools are in your area? if you want good self defense allmost all martial arts will give you that with the exeption of a few, if you want nhb comp. you should find a good mma school or cross train in to proven arts. if you want other competition you could consider karate, you eill get o.k. fighting skill and there is comp. (forms,point sparring) if you are intrested in looking cool and being able to fight find a good wushu school that also teaches sanda.

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    Except that BJJ is a sport, and the reason they don't strike is so that people don't go home with flat noses.

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    I like to mix it up a bit. I box, do BJJ & MT. I find the combination of those great for me. But, I was & still am lucky. I didn't have to pay when I was doing the MT, Kali or most of my MMA traing because I taught TKD at the school. Then I trained after hours with a great teacher.
    Now I do BJJ with some Fabio Santos purple belts, they train through the college & since I'm full time, I get that free also.

    However, if I had to go find a school & pay. I would look for someone that teaches MMA style, progressive style MA, MT, or BJJ. Now that I've tried quiet a few arts, I would steer clear of Karate & TKD, not because they suck, I don't think they all do (I'm a 2nd degree in TKD) but because I believe that most schools teach a one dimentional way of thinking, fighting & training.

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    Progressive Fighting Systems JKD Concepts, with someone who teaches BJJ too. Go to and do an instructor search.

    That's if you want to learn solid, stripped-down, rational self-defense and fighting arts.

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    Have you checked out any schools yet? BTW, check your email

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    Shorei-ryu & Kumdo & TKD
    Currently I take TKD, HKD and Kumdo

    Traditional TKD
    Advantadges: A nice mixture of both hands and feet techniques, comprehensible, promotes good flexibility and helps build good speed and stamina.

    Disadvantadges: Does not have a lot of ground work or inide fighting techniques.

    Advantadges: Good locking, trapping and throwing skills.

    Disadvantadges: No ground work, not as comprehensible as most arts, plus you need to learn to think outside of the "box" when using the techniques. Not good for long range combat.


    Advantadges: Relaxing, teaches precise movements and focus, gives you insights into some weapon usage.

    Disadvantadges: Not very practicle empy hand combat, unless you are quick to convert the sword techniques into empty hand. Not able to carry a sword with you at any given time. DAMN modern laws! :)

    I have experience in other arts as well, but this is what I am currently involved in. I would like to supplement my training with some ground fighting if the opprotunity, and funds, comes along.

    Remember you have to choose what is best for you and suits your particular needs.

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