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cattle dog bull terrier cross.

Smaller for movingthough scrub.

Catle dog as in blue heeler I think.

Yup it'll be a Heeler of a Kelpie in that mix , don't know if you folks see the McKnabs over there , personally when I do use dogs I tend to use a smaller , faster dog than a lot of folks over here , and more of a "hard' natured dog than many folks do , my primary strike dog is a Plott that would rather unravel a trail than eat and is the only triple purpose dog I've ever owned that's unbreakable on track , meaning he stays on what he's put on , if you put him down on a Lion he's not going to break off for a hog and vice versa , he once put a big cat up a tree late of an afternoon and kept that cat treed all night until we could get there the next morning , hated to have to kill that mountain lion but once they start killing stock , especially folks colts they become a danger.

Do any folks over there do anything with Terriers or the English " Lurcher" type crosses?