>Gong: You sure can use them in this position. You just reach over stick a couple fingers in one eye(you could do it with two as well) and pull back and down on the bone that is above your eye. It's a natural handle. Try it out sometime. It really does work.

That's just what I mean. You can use them if you're *behind* me, but nowhere else. Hair can be grabbed from/to anywhere. Also, hair is a more likely choice for someone without specific training as to what to grab, which actually includes a rather high percentage of martial artists. Point 1 being that I've taken away what is a more favorite 'handle' of your average streetfigher, and also one that is more easily accessible. Point 2 being that if you got behind me to use your handle, I screwed up pretty bad already, and probably deserve to get my eyesockets reamed.

First, I'm gonna hit ya...then your gonna fall