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    LAPD: Hotel Robber Nabbed by Guests in Town for Martial Arts Tourney

    Story with video here: http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktl...,5236342.story

    Armed robber gets his money, but then gets disarmed, taken down, and held for police.

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    Oh come on! There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this most unfortunate of incidents.

    In truth, he was just an honourable gentleman ill-used in the Comedy of Life who just happened to enquire of a simple handout so he could get a cup of cawfeee (tea in Merrie Olde England) when 2 x Black Belts (having misjudged the situation) jumped in and forced him to the floor - before he could explain this simple misunderstanding) whence they were reinforced by Armed Police who arrived in numbers to further subdue him. All quite unnecessary, dontchaknow...

    Expect it to get amplified in Prison, something like, 6 x Black Belts jumped him but had trouble taking HIM down to the floor and they only managed it cos the Police poured in....etc ....etc add hyperbole to choice.

    By the way, well done to those 2 blokes. Great stuff.


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