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    Brad Souders' Grappling Group in York, PA

    Not totally a throwdown, but John Butz and I attended Brad's Monday class yesterday evening and had a very excellent time -- so much that we might make it a twice monthly visit.

    Basically, Brad demonstrated some sweeps, then we went to rolling. I think both guys I rolled with were named Chuck, both were very cool fellas and seemed close to my size, but taller and not as chubby (I like beer and fried food). On each one I went for and got a RNC pretty quickly, then tried for some other stuff. On the first Chuck I did a wonderful move where I tried an arm-drag and leg-spiral takedown and then either I FUBARd or Chuck countered and I threw both of us on to my head with Chuck getting mount. I was groggy and couldn't sweep, but managed to avoid getting subbed.

    The other Chuck I rolled with I got the aforementioned RNC and then did an armdrag takedown into mount, but then had to play defensive as he immediately went for sweeps and reversals. He kept his elbows in by his sides and wouldn't tap to the forearm choke, so I finally went with him when he shrimped, took his back and got another RNC.

    I want to thank Brad and his group, as well as the owners of the facility, for letting us stop by. As I mentioned before, I wouldn't mind visiting a couple of times a month and would be more than happy to give the facility a mat fee or somesuch. It will be good for me on a number of levels. Brad's got a nice number of techniques in his toolbox. The space is more enclosed, so I don't have tons of room to set up my leg shoots and hip throws -- which is something I'll have to learn to compensate for. All the guys seemed to be friendly and just wanted to train.

    As we were leaving in the parking lot, John and I chatted with a big guy that works there (he may be a part owner -- not sure) who trained in Muay Thai in Thailand for a month or so. He let us know about some of the standup stuff they do (which I'd also be into getting more of) and talked about future plans he'd like to see including a separate fighting gym with a ring, mats, etc.

    Overall, a very good night and I recommend this group to anyone in the area that wants to get some good training under their belt.

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    he's the actual owner of the Gym. Fun isn't it?

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    Great guys, great fun.

    Really was refreshing to train with a bunch of new people, and whilst I did get pretty thouroguhly schooled, I had a great time and learned a few things(got to shuck that leg when I pass guard so I get triangled less :) )

    I second Budds enthusiastic approval of the place and the people, and any PA folsk whouls certainly look into it.

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    Do not shuck the leg for the guard pass. Take the knee to the nose then pass it over your head. :) We'll work on it next your around.

    Thanxs for the kind words.

    Later, Brad


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