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Thread: Choked out.

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    Hey Elipson,

    I think I read a thread you posted about that a while back. Don't recall the OP's screen name though, so maybe not you.

    It's almost completely gone. I did notice a tiny bit of bruising on the side of my neck (almost looked like a small hickie) a day ago. It's barely noticeable now. Never had an issue breathing or swallowing afterward. Can still sing too. Lol!

    I have figured out in short order though, that you gotta be prepared to tap or yell with a quickness in this type of alive training. I had a purple throw an arm bar on me, I had different ideas... I didn't have time to tap. He had my arm fully extended before I could do anything but yell (as manly as I could I might add). So the slight ache is slowly subsiding in my elbow. Said purple, after finding that I wasn't really injured, then suggested I stock up on fish oil capsules, and medical tape for toes.

    Who knew getting your ass kicked could be so much fun? Oh well, you live and you learn.

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    I was rolling with a guy once in BJJ who was also a Judo blackbelt. The guy was about 300 pounds and was absolutely the strongest guy I've ever trained with. When he grabbed your gi, his hands might as well have been bolted to your chest.

    Anyway, he hit me with a thrusting collar choke one day that almost popped my damn head off. He snuck it on me. I never saw it coming and he nailed it quick and hard, like I was trying to take his lunch or something. It hurt to swallow for two solid weeks. Bastard. It cleared up on its own though.

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    I've accepted long ago that my big toes are going to hurt forever. Taping them has become routine.

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    Grey184, where are you training? I just noticed that you are also in Atlanta.

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