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    Quote Originally Posted by MelKMartin View Post
    Aside from all of that, I'm no liar and wouldn't have said he were one of the best if I didn't believe that to be the case after much research.

    Anyhoo, I still don't have an opinion on the guy. I just thought he was nice.

    And I got heaps of hits on my blog today. Cheers!
    Pretty much Battheo and Omega delved into what I would say. All I'll say is misinformation gets people hurt and killed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelKMartin View Post
    I didn't really have an opinion to start with, I just wrote what he said to me.
    But I spoke with him, and whilst admittedly maybe a little too forthcoming, he's a nice guy for the most part and just really loves what he does. I don't think there's a crime in that. And people learn from him; for piece of mind, and self-preservation, their lives are probably better for it.
    dear lord, you sound incredibly naive. had you actually done any research it would quickly have become apparent that the guy has a bloated resume, and from that you can fairly easily get an idea of what he stands for.

    Also, do you honestly think that by taking his classes you will be able to beat up 5 guys at a time? really? i watched a lot of jackie chan movies growing up, but that doesnt mean i still think they are realistic.

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    Regarding honorary degrees, it is standard practice to designate any mention of a degree that is honorary (that is, awarded to recognize some outstanding achievement, service, etc.), rather than earned through successfully completing a set of academic requirements, in a way that makes it clear that it is honorary rather than earned.

    This is done in one of two ways: either the name of the degree is one reserved for honorary degrees (Cambridge University, for example, gives out Doctor of Letters and Doctor of Science degrees as honorary, degrees that it does not award as earned degrees, and awards PhDs only as earned degrees) or the honorary status is indicated by adding "(Honorary)" or usually "(Hon.)" after the degree. Sometimes both the non-standard degree name and the designation "(Hon.)" are used for clarity's sake, as in Jane Doe, Doctor of Humane Letters (Honorary) (abbreviated as Jane Doe, L.H.D. (Hon.)).

    To grant or receive non-earned degrees with no such designation is out of line with accepted academic practices as well as potentially misleading if not worse.

    In addition, ordinarily, only an institution that is accredited to grant academic degrees in the first place grants honorary degrees. That is, an organization that can't grant an earned degree has no standing (at least from any academic perspective of which I am aware) to offer honorary degrees. A PhD (Hon) from anyone or any organization that is not an accredited university has the same legitimacy as a martial arts certification granted by a university with no program and no qualified faculty in the martial arts.

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