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Thread: Walt Bushey?

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    Regarding the 2006 US San Shou Team, I found this:

    On September 8, 2007, USAWKF held the 2007 U.S. Sanshou Team Trials, which chose the ten athletes who will represent the United States at the 9th World Wushu Championships, November 11-17, 2007, in Beijing. Thirty-three athletes competed at the trials, which were held at the United Martial Arts Training Center (UMATC) in Lubbock, Texas.

    . . .

    Chief Judge of the event was Tat Mau Wong (USAWKF Administrative Vice President for Sanshou) Among the judges were. . . Walt Bushey (Texas).
    Their "past team members" page is blank, but this at least establishes that the USAWKF has a Lubbock presence and that Mr. Bushey is involved. There was also this:

    Yeah, it was me that recommended the Katsujin Ryu Budokai dojo.

    . . .

    And as a side-note, the U.S. Olympic San Shou (Chinese Kickboxing) teams also trains there. I've done that class a couple of times and WOW…hardcore. It'll be an exhibition sport in the Beijing 2008 Olympics.
    A full "past team" listing on the USAWKF site would be harder evidence, but this seems to support Mr. Bushey's claim of having been involved with the US San Shou team in 2006.

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    I know you are trying to "help," but this
    Among the judges were. . . Walt Bushey (Texas).
    Is nowhere near nor does it support this claim:
    2006 US San Shou Team Assistant Coach

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