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    Sub Only Tournament, DO IT!!

    Time again to SPAM you guys to death with thread bumps for our next tournament. It's a fun time and we will have a great group of competitiors this year. Come on in and test your stuff.

    Still the best and only sub only tournament in the tri-state area. If you're in OH, MD, VA or PA, it's a great experience and not too expensive.



    Thanks! hit me up if you have questions.

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    Oh damn, I didn't know people still did tournaments like this! Is there a link with the rules? There are no time limits?

    I'm going to look around for something like this in MY tri-state area. Does anyone know of sub-only tournaments near NY or Boston?

    Edit: Do you have a preset kill limit? That may effect my strategy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil View Post
    I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
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    An email told me someone had replied to this. crazy timing fellas.

    Anyways, rules, ....

    BEGINNER (Less than a year of experience. Includes wrestling. No wrestlers in this division).
    INTERMEDIATE (1-3 years exp.)
    ADVANCED (3 years +)

    White Belt
    Blue Belt
    Purple Belt
    Brown Belt and Above (if necessary)

    WEIGHT CLASSES For All Adult Divisions
    Under 139.9 lbs
    140 lbs to 154.9 lbs
    155 lbs to 169.9 lbs
    170 lbs to 184.9 lbs
    185 lbs to 199.9 lbs
    200 lbs to 214.9 lbs
    215lbs to 249.9 lbs
    250 lbs and above

    Divisions may be consolidated. In addition, we may add divisions if the number of competitors is sufficient.

    MASTERS DIVISIONS (Ages 30 yrs & above)
    MASTER’S BEGINNER (Less than a year experience. Includes wrestling. No wrestlers in this division)
    MASTER’S INTERMEDIATE (1-3 years exp.)
    MASTER’S ADVANCED (3 years +)

    Master’s Gi Divisions will be sorted by belt rank.
    Master’s divisions may be consolidated.

    Men's Executive Division (40 yrs and above)
    Same Divisions as Men’s Master’s Division.
    Divisions may be consolidated.

    -T-shirts or Rash Guards are required. No bare-chested grappling. You do not have to wear a shirt under your gi.
    -Board shorts or gi pants are required to be worn by all competitors.
    -Competitors must wear compression shorts/spandex under their shorts.
    -No gi competitors are NOT allowed to grab and use their opponents clothing.
    -No slamming. A competitor may not slam his opponent to a escape submission. A competitor may not slam his opponent to pass the guard. A competitor may not jump from a standing position to slam his opponent. Takedowns are not considered slams, but a competitor has a duty to deliver his opponent to the mat in a safe fashion.

    Slamming will result in disqualification.

    -No Boston Crabs. Boston Crab is defined as a step over pass inside the closed guard or step over ankle lock from open guard
    - No throwing an opponent off the mat or spiking an opponent on his head.
    -No strikes of any kind (including hands, elbows, feet, head butts, etc.).
    -No attacks to the front of the windpipe (i.e. Finger in throat), eyes (elbows, palms, fingers, etc.) or groin.
    -No pinching or pulling hair.
    -No pushing palm directly into face.
    - No small joint manipulation (fingers or toes)
    -No spitting, swearing, or foul language.
    -No covering the mouth of an opponent with your hand.
    -Any loud sounds/screaming made by a competitor during a match will be considered a “Verbal Tap” and will results in an immediate referee stoppage.
    -Any intentional use of an illegal technique or act of poor sportsmanship will result in the immediate ejection of that competitor.
    -All competitors, coaches, and team mates are expected to show good sportsmanship. Any disrespect or threat of physical violence toward any referee, competitor, staff member, or spectator will result in disqualification and the party will be asked to leave the event.
    -All competitors must come to the event clean with short finger and toe nails.
    -Competitors with cold sores, fungal infections (ringworm) and any form of staph, viral of other bacterial infections or outbreaks will not be allowed to compete.
    -Uniforms must be clean and free of offensive odors.
    -If competitors are deadlocked or go out of bounds without being in a dominate position, the referee may resume the match from a standing position.
    -A competitor may not flee the mats to avoid a submission. Fleeing the mat will result in a disqualification with no warning.
    -Competitor can not disengage from the “fight” once it is on the ground. 1st offense will result in a warning, 2nd offense will result in disqualification.
    -All matches will be decided by submission. A submission will occur when an athlete gives up by tapping with either their hands or feet, or when the athlete verbally submits. Sudden screaming or shouting to indicate sudden pain is considered a tap. In addition, the referee reserves the right to stop a match if a competitor caught in a submission is in danger of receiving a serious injury.
    -To protect the safety of children- all youth matches will be stopped if the referee believes the child is in a dangerous position and may sustain an injury.

    SPECIAL RULES ALL KIDS & TEEN NO-GI COMPETITORS (in addition to forbidden moves listed above):
    -No attacks below the waist (No Knee bars, straight ankle locks, or toe holds).
    -No Wrist Locks.
    -No Neck Cranks (Including the Can Opener).
    -No scissor takedowns.
    -To protect the safety of children- all youth matches will be stopped if the referee believes the child is in a dangerous position and may sustain an injury.

    -No Heel Hooks, neck cranks (including but not limited to crucifixes and can openers), & bicep or calf slices.
    -No toe holds for beginner and intermediate no-gi division.
    -Heel hooks are allowed in advance no-gi division only.
    -Straight ankle locks (Achilles) are allowed in all adult divisions.
    -Knee bars are allowed in all adult divisions.

    We've added a time limit for kids. We had a couple of little dudes just completely break down after 48 minutes. Both just started crying cause they were so tired, but neither of them would quit. So we installed a 20 minute limit with 1 10 minute overtime. No limit for adults. Also, no crying for adults. Immedate disqualification. lol

    Some tourneys do kill limits, but that is for timed matches. You can rack up as many subs during your matches, round robin, whoever gets the most subs wins. We just do simple, you sub, you win. you tap you lose.


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