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    Long Island Training Meetup

    Hey, what's up bullies? I hope all is well...

    I'm gathering some bodies for a training club. Nothing strict. Just a place where everyone can work on their art; an atmosphere that leans more constructive than instructive.

    I got a few people together; some wrestlers, boxers and MMAs in the Suffolk area who are down to get in at least monthly or bi-monthly on some training.

    We do have access to a couple of mats, but I'm trying to find a facility - perhaps a gymnasium or dojo - that will host a session or two a month; preferably somewhere with wide enough mat space to train grappling, but not absolutely necessary...

    Anyone in the Suffolk area have any suggestions or want to get in on training, respond here or email me: [email protected]

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    Thanks dear.I want to join ur training kit.....


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