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    Keeping the Dojo clean

    Hello all. This seemed like the best forum to post it in apologies if I got it wrong. I've been involved in my university judo club for a while now and want to implement a cleaning regime for the dojo. It's a bit off putting when you're rolling with a partner and are suddenly eye to eye with a stray pube or two.

    First off I'm thinking a group sweep before or after every session to get rid of dust and hair.

    The thing I'm not too sure on is wet cleaning. With what sort of level and frequency should we be disinfecting the dojo? Is it enough to mop the mats with a bit of soap and water once a week? Will mopping the mats damage them? And are there any specialty products that are worth checking out?

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    we mop with disinfectant at the end of each day. And have a no shoes on the mat not bare feet of it rule

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    My gym is pretty much vacuuming dirt off mats and scrubbing off sweat stains as often as possible pretty much as often as rooms aren't in use. We disinfect with hospital grade disinfectant once per day.

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    My old school cleaned the mats every day. Thursday was my day to do it. First I'd go over the surface with a long dust mop to get any loose particles, then with a mop, using a safe cleaning solution and water.

    As a university group, is your judo done on a wrestling mat, or what?

    Keeping mats clean is important when you've got people scraping up against them with all parts of their body, so do it as often as you can.


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