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    Thanks for all the responses. I do have the book, BKR. Yes, I am recovering from a separated shoulder. This is more about getting things ready for when I recover. I have never really studied kata. I have done the first two sets just trying to get the throws down but I really want to do it well as it is a requirement and I don't want to half step on it if that makes sense. I will talk to a few friends in other clubs about being my uke as I am the most advanced person in my club besides my instructor who is in his late 60s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindz View Post
    What does good mean here? Someone who jumps for you, someone who attacks with conviction and really tries to judo chop you on the head? Something else?
    Nood on the board here but honestly if you knew judo well you would know what it is to be a good uke (which mind you I think takes years to figure out!)

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