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    Muay Thai tournaments

    So as long as I can remember, i've always wanted to do a MT tourny...but being as i'm from Cincinnati area, they're not usually close. So i've decided to save up, and go on an adventure to do one of the big ones next year. The question is, what's the best one(s) to do? The IKF one in Florida and the TBA-SA are the ones that have gathered most my intrest, and hell, i'd love to do both, but being as they're what, 2 weeks a part, I don't see that happening.

    So long story short, if you had to do one of these two tournaments, which one would you pick and why? Does any one know of any good ones that are set for late this year or early jan-febuary?

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    You should ask your coach/trainer/gym owner/promoter to set you up instead of having to do all this **** yourself, especially if you think you have to travel for it. They'd have contacts and know what kind of fight you're ready for and place you with the appropriate org, get you the right opponent (hopefully). At the very least they pro'lly know of something closer to home than something you scoped out on your own.


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