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So I am researching pepper spray. I haven't found any real interesting threads on pepper spray here yet, but I am still looking. There was a pretty interesting bit about Lasik and pepper spray though.

My first thought was to try out the stuff that Cold Steel offers (Inferno) which I have looked at a couple times on their site and it seems to look pretty good from what I can tell. It is a foam that liquefies on contact so that it drips down and is harder to wipe off. Sabre and Mace I have also heard good things about. Fox labs looks pretty good too. I just started looking at their site and already I am leaning towards getting some from them.

Anyone have experience with pepper spray? Any recommendations on brands or what to look for in products?

From what I have gathered there are a few factors that go into rating how good a pepper spray is from what I can figure out. The type of pepper spray used (spray, foam, gel, fogger) is interesting. Advantages and disadvantages for the different types, ok, makes sense. Spray pattern is a factor. The type of propellant used is a factor. There are different additives that people put in there like CN or SC gas, Inferno has black pepper, there are all sorts of crazy things people put in this stuff I am sure. Then you get into the percentage of OC (Oleoresin Capsaicin), the SHU (Scoville Heat Units), the percentage of CRC (Capsaicin and related Capsaicinoids) in the OC, and plus what kind of carrier is used in the rest of the stuff is important apparently (oils and solvents). Of course finding out all this information about all these products is not super easy, they don't all exactly have a simple ingredient label to look at and compare. Shelf life? How important are some of these factors?

I have also heard that using a spray that only has OC is better since if it has CN or CS in it they (the CN or CS) do not act as instantly and are more likely to float back in your face. Thus better to just get a higher concentration of OC than get a mix of the three or whatever. Any truth?

Training with pepper spray is a whole other bag of pissed off cats.

Can I haz pepper spray?
None of the small ones are any good at anything but getting someone angry. U want, Bear guard, bear spray, that stuff is lethal, I've been hit by it a few times in the course of my work and I use it as well. Explosive blast of spray, 15 -20 feet out you're getting anyone with a one second blast and that's the end of them. Helpless and in pain. You can literally do crowd control with it. Blast it into the air and it hangs there and anyone walks through it is done. Let off a full can in the basement of a house and within a few seconds people in the attic will be gasping and eyes burning and tearing up, will leave as fast as can. Bad ass. Catch someone close up and in the face and its two hours of hell for them and there is no relief.